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Friday, 19 January 2018

When Love Happens by Manish Kumar - Book Review

When Love Happens by Manish Kumar Book Review
When Love happens by Manish Kumar Book review
I don’t know how to review When Love Happens by Manish Kumar. I mean, if I go with the story, When Love Happens by Manish Kumar is 0 stars.
But when you consider that this is not actually a story but writer’s own life experience, a kind of memoir, then how would you review someone’s life?

So, whatever I am saying now is a review of When Love Happens by Manish Kumar.

As a book, this one is a failure. It is not good.
There is no plot. NO PLOT.
Just a boy, fall in love with a girl, and a long list of his first world problems in a second world country.
The idea of love is a great part of India. Actual love is forbidden here.
We are living in a country where every movie is a love story and romantic one. Every book is about love. We always talk about love, but we never actually support lovers.
We love the love but not the lovers.

Writer's hesitation in When Love Happens

Even in the book, we never get to know the name of the girl. The writer writes her as G. G for Girl I think.

The writer hesitates in giving us the whole information. He never tells the caste of girl or boy. He hesitates in taking the names of political parties.

We never actually see the opinion of the writer on anything. Instead of making this book a gateway to his personality, Manish Kumar has made it into a love story of a boy, who is too pathetic to do anything except thinking that why God is making him suffer.
I am too a believer in God, but sometimes you have to take the matter into your hand.

Nish is the name of the protagonist, should I say it is convenient for the writer to make his character name Nish that is just the part of writer’s name. I mean MAnish. Because I never heard of name Nish.

I already said that this memoir, I am not reviewing anyone’s life but the story.

No Story in When Love Happens by Manish Kumar

The story itself is nothing. This problem and troubles of the protagonist are same as most of individual of India. Poverty, higher education, jobs, and society. We are aware of this problems.

Like every other boy, he wants to do engineering from an IIT. He tries two times, failed both.
At last, he settled with a private university.

Like 4 girls are flirting with him, and he chooses to the one who is playing with him. I understand why this happening and I find it obsessiveness of the Nish for a girl.
He said that it is not easy to open with anyone about the matter of his love, but he easily tells anyone his whole story to anyone who asks.
His cousin, another cousin, mother, friends, seniors.

Finally, When love happens,

The story does not work for me. I have read some memoirs, and most of the time writers were keen to tell their real stories. Manish Kumar provides the surface element and never go deeper. Fast-paced does not help much.

At last, I wonder that if the writer has come bravely with his opinions, we could have learned something from the experience.

But it is easy to read. If you like a memoir in which you do not expect anything, and there are no surprises, and life is boring as it actually is, you read it.

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